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Vintage Queen Ridged Candle 220g

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Our Vintage Queen Ridged Candle is the ultimate home accessory. The vintage style will complement the decor and style in any room throughout the home. This candle comes with a polished matching ridged lid to protect the wax from dust.

This candle comes with two Eco cotton wicks and burns for up to 50 hours. 

Once you've finished using your candle, you can clean our vintage jar from wax and re use this!


- Burn Time: 50 Hours
- Weight: 220g
- Height: 12cm
- Width: 10.5cm

Details & Care:

For optimum use and to prevent wax tunnelling, burn the candle until the wax has melted and pooled to the edge. Light all wicks at once. Use the lid to extinguish the flame. Allow candle to solidify before re-lighting. Trim the wick between uses, ensuring it is no longer than ¼ inch/6mm. Protect the surface on which the candle rests. Do not burn for longer than four hours at a time. Do not leave unattended or within reach of children or pets.